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It’s time to sky-rocket your biz.

I’ve got your back now.

You are passionate about your business.

You focus on helping people to pursue their dreams and reach their goals.

Every day you selflessly give support.



Inspiring other people.

Building six-figure businesses.

Yet, when you’re done working, you still have time to help others who are just starting out. Creating free content, giving value, making time for people who wants to pick your brain. 

And I admire you for all that.

But what happens when you get stuck with the daunting routine tasks or stuff you have absolutely no interest in?

Like working on your website or integrating apps and software to automate your business?

Doesn’t that drive you crazy?

Imagine investing all that time in enhancing people’s lives instead?

But stop right there.

You can make that happen.

Because my mission is to help YOU.

Find out how we can kick more butts together.

Launch Your Biz

You have been putting off to set your dream website and you know that could take your business to a whole new level. Because there’s too many tech stuff between your idea and that magical “hit launch” moment?

Well, not anymore! I’d love to cover “the boring in between” so you can focus on doing your thing.

Get things done

The better your business is doing, the more time consuming and tedious tasks you must manage. Just imagine spending time with your family or perfecting your biz strategy instead.

Don’t let all the tasks pile up, I’ll be happy to take the administrative stuff off your plate.

WordPress Design

Thinking about stepping up your game and building a website to support your biz? Why not run a cutting-edge, trendy, kick-ass WordPress website?

With all the features to make your business as appealing to your clients as possible. No reason not to. Right? Reach out, share your thoughts, and I’ll make it happen.


Be honest with me, here. Do words like automation, chatbots, sales funnels and online course creation make your stomach squirm?

Well, you’re not on your own.I can automate some of your processes. Together we’ll agree which ones, but I’ll do the tech stuff on my own


What My Clients Are Saying

Kat is brilliant! I was lost on this whole website thing and had spent months staring at my computer. She stepped right in where I left off and spruced it all up! She included everything I asked for and even added in extras that she knew I would need in the future. She worked hard to get it done quickly and stayed in contact with me the entire time. There wasn't a single question that she couldn't answer. She is a joy to work with and so incredibly patient!

Rosie Jansen

Blogger at thismomlifebyrosie.com, This Mom Life By Rosie

Kat knew exactly what to do and knows her way around WordPress. She's always happy to answer questions and I know I'll be using her services again. Let Kat do the work in double quick time that you've been struggling with! She helped me sort out all my categories without breaking my website.

Jenny Lord

Blogger at midwifeandlife.com, Midwife And Life

Kat did a great job. She was so patient and professional. She answered all my questions and over delivered. I'd highly recommend kat to anyone needing tech assistance. She solved my problems and I'll be using her again when I get stuck in the future. Thanks Kat

Liz Wensing

Women's Health and Empowerment Coach, Liz Wensing

Kat is absolutely brilliant! Her talent, professionalism and skills are second to none. Anyone looking for someone to complete their website design is definitely making the right choice with Kat. Her work is not only exceptional, it is delivered from a heart-centred space. I could not recommend her more highly! Thank you Kat for your fantastic support and service!

Louisa Saenen

Mindset Coach, Destination Life Extraordinary

I would love to say that God brought me to Kat at the perfect time. I was struggling to make my website correct. I let it be filled with junk. And Kat releases all the burden from my website just like a swish. She recreated my website 10x faster than I thought. And the website now looks so beautiful, clean and professional. The best thing is she did something with her magic wand that my website is 100 times faster than earlier. She is the GO TO GIRL for your website and VA tasks. Her Services are beautifully crafted with care.

Kirtti Sharma Handa

Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Curatives

Hi, I'm Elies Hadi, I'm a Transformational Coach and I would Like to share my experience with Kat Salonga. It was really funny because like a week before I met her I was just chatting with my mentor. So, he asked me "What would you look for a VA?" In an instant I answered "Passion", Well how about skills? Well for me having the skills and the experience is a given, it is a must. It is non-negotiable.So, I expect that to be in every VA. And what makes an extraordinary VA, which I found in Kat, was her passion. And it totally matches my value and my main criteria and requirement because for me in order to select the people I work with, I put values a lot of importance. Meaning it must have the similar values that I have so I can not imagine working with a VA who does not like what she does, no matter how great she is because I just find that it would be energy draining for me to even talk to that person. So when I found Kat, I was really, really, really happy. You know, not only she does know her stuff, she's experienced, she really is excited in sharing her work. And that makes her special. And I really enjoyed working with her. Because I know that any task I gave her, she's gonna find a way around it and make it better than what I originally request, meaning to say she overdelivers. And you know she has provided me beyond what a normal VA has done. I know I have worked really well with other VAs and there are other VAs I can pay at a very low price. But like I said, values are what is more important and with Kat, not only did she manage to deliver the task on time, she did more than what was asked for. She gave a lot of knowledge and expertise as well as energy. So if you want to find enjoying working with a VA who knows what she is doing, I really recommend you try Kat. It's always about the value, it is not about the number of hours per se, and I really appreciate the value that Kat has provided in our collaboration in terms of the work she has done for me and I really am thankful for that and appreciate her, so enjoy working with her and I strongly recommend that you guys try working with Kat.

Elies Hadi

Transformational Coach, Elies Hadi