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A lot of business owners understand the HOW of automation, but don’t fully understand WHY they should be not only automating their eCommerce system, but should be outsourcing that automation to a professional digital marketing strategist.

As a digital marketing strategist, I know sales funnels almost as well as the tunnel in the backyard my son dug trying to dig to China.  (I know for a fact that within two yards of his tunnel is a big spider’s web so I know it won’t last. I’ll let him have his fun until then.)

Many of my clients, before coming to see me, think that a funnel is as simple as setting up a landing page, creating an effective call to action and sitting back to wait for the sales to roll in.

Not even close.

Sure, a landing page and a call to action are components of a well-designed sales funnel.  However, taking this approach would be like trying to make a pizza with one pepperoni and a sack of flour. You’re not even almost there, and what you would create with those basic ingredients would leave everyone running for takeout.

So I’m grateful for their misunderstanding, because it allows me to not only get results for them and steer them in the right direction, creating sales funnels that blow their revenue through the water…but it allows me to educate them throughout the process.

Since you’re reading this, I consider you part of my inner circle.  I like to provide interesting and useful information to those I align closely with, and I consider you to be one of those special individuals.  That being said, I’ll share with you the WHYs behind automation: why you should do it in the first place, and why you should outsource it to a professional (like me).

  • You are a consultant, not a digital marketing strategist.  Let’s be real: your expertise is in delivering actionable advice to your clients to help them create a life and lifestyle that is more livable for them…whether through improved health and wellness, developing more effective coping strategies, or learning the fundamental tools to create a stress-free work environment.  Perhaps you’re a yoga instructor to wheelchair- bound individuals. Maybe you help college students incorporate NLP practices into their busy academic-driven lives. Whatever your specialty, creating sales funnels isn’t it. With the years of experience under my belt setting up effective digital marketing strategies for my clients, I am in a position to create the sales funnel that will generate lots of revenue for your specific business and niche. It took many years to become that effective, and that works in your favor.
  • Your time is a limited resource. Don’t squander it chasing after social media posts and email inquiries.  You can more effectively run your business when you aren’t toiling away at those things which can be best outsourced to a digital marketing strategy company, like Virtual, At Last!  Your time is best spent getting out there and having the conversations you need in order to grow your business…not doing the back-end, tedious tasks of copy writing, content development, website updating and social media posting.
  • Not outsourcing will lead to burnout.  It is inevitable: trying to do everything yourself will lead ultimately to your becoming fatigued.  This fatigue, if allowed to go unchecked for long enough, will result in your growing resentful of your business because it is taking away from the life you want to be living.  Your business should be a tool for growth, not a chariot to Hell. Outsource your eCommerce automation services to my company, and fight the Curse of the Burnout.

Now that you understand the WHYs, focus on HOW…take the next step towards automating your online presence by contacting me today.  We’ll schedule time to chat and start the process of getting your business fully automated!