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For the last couple of years, I’ve been practicing journaling (on and off) and trying to somehow break the limiting beliefs that were like dead roots that are clinging to me but no longer serving me. Trapping me and hurting me when I try to break free.

 I’ve been starving for growth–it was all I was asking for.

By the last quarter of 2017, I was becoming more in tune with what I want–more invested in my mindset and in my business. Journaling was becoming a habit. I’ve been playing around with meditations and free online hypnosis. Binaural beats. Affirmations. Tools that will help me, anything just to help me.

Books (ebooks) began coming in, journals were stacking up, I’ve invested in business more than ever. And I finally hit a good number early 2018 and I raised my rates again around August. My mindset is expanding (doubling and tripling) but there’s this nagging feeling whispers to me “You are not good enough”. Now for all the freelancers out there, you might be aware of this. It’s called the Imposter Syndrome. It’s very common to feel like a fraud when you’re growing, reaching new heights. It is new, but it’s still you. A better version of you. It also stems from low self-esteem most of which are developed in childhood.

I’ve been aware of this issue back in my college days. It’s time that I confront this ‘monster’ that creeps out of the closet every now and then. Usually when I just had a win in my business.

It’s time I tried hypnotherapy from Diana Morrison of Positive Pathways, whom I met in a networking group, which only costs  220aud per session. I always thought it was higher than that. The day of our session came, and even though there was bad connection on my end due to the weather, I was relieved that the hypnotherapy session wasn’t interrupted.

Before the session you’ll have a chat with her and she’ll ask a series of questions, which will help her create a customized hypnotherapy session based on your needs. I highly recommend that you make sure that you a good connection and a silent environment.

Her voice sounded angelic which helped relaxation, and she guided me to a point in my life where the problem started. Now, in my case there were multiple instances where I had been affected by the words and actions of others, growing up in a broken home, being bullied as a grade schooler, and being in a toxic relationship in the past. I was asked to reconcile with these past issues by confronting my past and my future. This was very emotional for me but Diana is such a professional I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

By the end of the session, I felt at peace and more alive. I realized that I had been a prisoner to these memories and it substantially limited my potential. The greatest thing was, I have forgiven the people who have hurt me and more importantly, I have forgiven myself.

Now, whenever I feel negative emotions I am able to observe it, understand it and let it go. For more info about Diana Morrison or Hypnosis, check out her site at Positive Pathways.

Would you try hypnosis? Feel free to comment below.