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It’s time to get busy and give it up. Reach a Productivity Climax by turning to the pros and letting it go!

You’re about to get lucky, because this threesome is going add more free time to your busy schedule. Here are the three things you should let go and outsource to a professional in that industry:

Content Development.

As a coach, you’re SITTING on piles of one-on-one session transcripts, speech notes, and commentary that is a literal goldmine for your business. However, going it alone and trying to consolidate all of that content into eBooks, long- forms and pillar pages is draining your time…time that you could be spending on more client sessions. Companies like the Blurban Planner Co specialize in turning your material into sellable products, and offer both one-off and subscription based services.  


Selfies and phone shots are absolutely no substitute for professional photography, and when you’re competing against the upper crust of your industry, your photos should be a reflection of the value you bring to the table. If there is nothing else you outsource to a more qualified professional, then professional photography should be that one thing. Experts like India Jackson Artistry know how to position your business in it’s best light (no pun intended).  

Social Media Marketing.

Curating posts for social media, when done optimally, can provide you with a stream of consistent, organic clientele and create buzz around your services. When not managed professionally, your posts can make you look like a train wreck. Having a social-media savvy virtual assistant company like Virtual At Last! on your side can maximize your productivity by handling all of your content curation, post scheduling, hashtagging and engagement. Think about how much time you spend everyday thinking, writing, posting, scheduling, commenting, liking and engaging…what if you could take back all of those minutes and use them for something you really should be focusing on…like 1:1 coachings?

Putting it All Together.

So what does a Productivity Climax look like?  It looks like using each of your outsourcing resources to your benefit and to the benefit of your business. It looks like having your content developer produce the words to go with the photos taken by your professional photographer and having your Social Media Marketer put it all together in a way that gets you likes, hits and engagement…all while you focus on client work and making that money. The Productivity Climax looks better than Sex, in my opinion. Get some* today.