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As an entrepreneur, being a robot is that last thing that appeals to you. You hate the cookie cutter life, which is what drew you out into the wild yonder of self-employment/self-actualization/insanity. You thrive on the uniqueness of the gifting you have to offer your clients as NLP Practitioners and Life Coaches.

However, what if I told you that a little AI would help you become MORE authentic and accessible? Let’s talk about automating your business.

Every business has basic operations that can be streamlined by automation. This is so important for you as a big dreamer and a messenger. You owe it to your clients to be the most focused, available version of yourself. Here are a few reasons to get your administrative chores away from the Hoover style and more toward the Roomba!

Automation is simply delegating the delegate-able stuff to a widget so you can free up more time for what you do best: helping people! Eliminate from your agenda things that DON’T need your personal touch. Keep your energy for your clients and get accounting, administrative and marketing to-do’s automated.

Also, automated contact forms reduce response time on your landing pages (see related post) and keep your prospects engaged. You never want a hot lead waiting to hear back from you because you are too busy crafting a tweet or emptying the waste bin that you miss a message. In today’s world, automation is accepted and even expected, to stay connected to prospects and keep pace with your competition.

As an NLP practitioner or life coach, your whole business is based on bringing out the best in people. Stay true to your own message and let your gifts and passions flow, sans unnecessary tedium that can be offloaded to a more efficient process.

Get your business automated and save yourself an average of 9.7 hours a week for what matters most. The more you shine in your strengths, the more your business will glow up too!