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Here lay the three things totally in the way of you slaying your To-Do list today.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your notifications are killing your productivity and are causing your potential for being a high-powered coaching badass to die a slow, painful death.  Either the distractions go, or your productivity does.  Today, let’s deal the death blow to everything blocking you from getting ish done.  


Like a Pavlovian puppy, every time that hotline blings, you run to it’s beck and call.  Unless you’re an ER doctor, your time should NEVER be that freely disseminated to just anyone and everyone.  By responding to every message that comes through the minute it pops up on your mobile device as soon as you get the signal, you’re saying to the world: “I value your needs over my time, so here I am.”  As coaches, our Me-Time is just as important to our commitment to our clients.  I’m not saying avoid being a total boss and ignore handling your business; I’m simply saying turn off your Push Notifications and set scheduled intervals for checking your messages like you would going to the mailbox.  Not only will your clients respect your time more, but you’ll show that YOU value YOU as well.

Voicemail is Not A Sin.

How many times have you heard the phone ring, dropped whatever it is that you’re doing and raced to answer the call…only to discover it’s a telemarketer trying to sell you pain-reducing back braces to help with your (nonexistent) chronic condition?  It is TOTALLY okay to let calls go to voicemail sometimes.  More often than not, your capacity to complete your task at hand distraction-free will benefit you more than answering the phone at the very instant it rings.  When your timer goes off for your current task, simply return the call and proceed with life.

BLACK SCREEN…Know What I Mean?

Ugh! Even if my push notifications are turned off and my phone is in airplane mode when my Task Towel Timer is set…I still find myself sneaking a glance or two COMPULSIVELY at my cell phone screen!  Checking for the little red bubble of a message that I missed..by having my notifications muted! My simple trick for preventing this pause in productivity, is to click the button to blackout my home screen.  By not having the bright screen on at all times, I am less tempted to sneak peaks here and there. Those quick peeks chip away at my productivity throughout the day.

So today, let’s eulogize these distractions and prioritize what really matters!  Implement these productivity hacks today, and in a few hours, comment here to let me know how much more you were able to accomplish!