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You’re probably thinking that automation of your sales processes is going to be too expensive, and therefore the pain of DIY-ing your entire online business presence is less than the pain of shelling out your hard- earned cash.

However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.  

When you view your business exclusively through the lens of ‘How much is this going to cost me?’, you’re creating what I like to call the Sisyphus Effect.

What is the Sisyphus Effect?

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was an old curmudgeon king who was punished by the gods.  His punishment was to push a boulder up a hill for the rest of his life, without the relief of seeing the boulder ever reach the top.  In fact, Sisyphus would get the boulder to the near- summit of the hill, only for it to roll back down, thereby forcing him to push the boulder up the hill yet again…and again.

And again.

When you decide that the money you’re not spending on expert automation services is greater than the revenue you assume you will gain, you’re creating the Sisyphus Effect on your business.  You are constantly pushing the DIY boulder…trying to setup your sales funnel, spending hours with writer’s block and anxiety over a word processor attempting to write content, and responding Pavlovian- style to your timer every few hours in an attempt to schedule your own social media posts.

You make a little headway as in a few sales may trickle in, but ultimately, you’re expending more in time, energy and even money as a professionals like my company, Virtual, At Last!, know how to earn your business lots more in revenue than you’re paying for the automation services.  We not only know how to free up your time, but we know how to most effectively use every dollar you spend on automation for getting you the maximum return on your business investment.

So let us stop the boulder from rolling back down.  Message me today and let’s discuss how Virtual, At Last! Can work for you.