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There are so many digital marketing tools available today that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are truly necessary. A landing page is one of the best ways to max out your high-tech SEO and high-touch credibility at the same time.

A landing page is the page of your website with a contact form, and it is the first step to your sales funnel (see related post). This simple page is one of the key qualifiers that Google uses to legitimize your website, and the better and more relevant the copy and images on this page are to your coaching business, the better the entire site will rank.

A good landing page does not just act as a raffle ticket asking for your name and phone number. You are truly playing the odds if that’s the extent of the content on this overlooked part of your website! This page should have a strong, concise message of your identity as a coach and what your business has to give. This is where you advertise free offers that compel people to sign up for them or join your mailing list for your *high quality, never cheap imposter content* that will win their trust and convert them into a paying client! If a new customer finds your landing page, they need to know they have landed somewhere worth asking for more information.

The landing page is not just an end point, it is a launching point. Give your viewers plenty of ways to connect with you by linking all of your social media sites to the landing page, which also makes it super simple for potential clients to share your page and point their followers to your site as well. Free mileage baby!

Build a great landing page and make an impression. Make it easy for people to want to sign up for your content, share your powerful vibes with their social audience, and pique their interest for how you can help them live their best life. Think exponentially vs. linear; a well-designed landing page casts a wide net to bring in new leads.