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I want to talk today about a trend that’s been bothering me: FOMO.

Fear Of Missing Out.  

FOMO is the reason why we get out of our warm, cozy beds at 10pm when a friend messages saying, “Hey! We’re meeting up at Murphy’s Irish Pub for drinks and corned beef.  Come join us!”

FOMO is the reason why you call out sick in order to go to your child’s football game.

FOMO is also the reason why you reluctantly grab your credit card to make a purchase online that you haven’t fully thought through.  


What business owner doesn’t like using well-planned strategies for increasing sales?  However, the idea of creating a sense of urgency– especially where one isn’t even necessary– is useful to no one.  

Sadly, I’ve seen this phenomenon creep into the sales space of the coaching and wellness arena and I don’t understand it.  We are supposed to be a beacon of wellness, promoting health and positivity through holistic, functional lifestyle changes.  Yet I often find otherwise reputable, industry-leading coaches employing the false sense of urgency tactic in order to strum up business.

What that says to clients is: “I care more about your money than your sanity.”

Not only does it foster anxiety, but playing the FOMO card also reduces client trust in your services.  What happens when they realize that the same promotion you’re offering will be made available in a few weeks…or even a few days later?  What does that say about your sense of trustworthiness?

Furthermore, breeding this FOMO culture makes our entire industry look bad.  Who wants to get labeled in the mind of potential clients for being fake or untrustworthy because of the shady actions of a select few?

Today, I’m taking a stand against an unnecessary sense of urgency.

Join me in saying, “FOMO has GOT TO GO!”

Comment if you agree.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Also, let’s discuss…what are you and your business doing to fight FOMO?