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When we see sales trickle in, or when we wake up to sales overnight in our inbox, it’s easy for us to view our business through rose- colored glasses.  

Yet rose- colored glasses will lead us to blindness.  Especially when it comes to business.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen business owners learn the lessons that I’m about to share with you the hard way.  I’m sharing them with you, so that you may be able to learn from them and not experience the same fate.

This post really needs very little introduction, as any lessons learned serve to introduce themselves.  So let’s get right into it.

  • The solution to your business problems aren’t necessarily more sales Yes, sales are very healthy for business and a lack of sales might indicate a problem,  but it’s important to note that some of your business problems, like cash flow, administrative issues and an all-around bad business model won’t necessarily be remedied with more sales being thrown at them.   
  • One problem client may just be that–a problem client.  Problem client after problem client and perhaps, the problem is YOU.  Ever have an all-around bad client experience, only to find that your next two clients end up with the same problem and same outcome?  At times, we have to really get honest with ourselves and our processes in order to self- assess and self-correct. Swallowing pride isn’t easy, but it just might save your ass.
  • DIY until you DIE will ultimately lead to your burnout and the demise of your business.  Trying to do everything yourself isn’t a sustainable solution for your business, and won’t allow you to ‘scale up’.  Instead, outsource your automation, content and social media needs to the professionals at Virtual, At Last! Doing so will allow you to spend your time more efficiently on areas like meeting with new clients and signing on new business!
  • Being a Generalist isn’t likely your best move.  It is somewhat unfortunate that, across all fields, being a generalist (lacking a specialty and focusing on broad-stroke topics across multiple arenas) isn’t lucrative.  Take, for example: medicine. Neurosurgeons and Anesthesiologists often make more than General Practitioners. Why? Having a niche specialty allows you to charge more for your narrowly- tailored skills and expertise.  Instead of trying to be everything for everyone, focus on being a specialist totally in touch with your niche market.

Minding these four little- known truths about business may not save you from making every business mistake, but it will open your eyes to the big- picture considerations that will help keep your business on track.  For more information about how you can set your business up for success, contact my company, Virtual, At Last! We’ll schedule an appointment and assess what your business needs in order to take your brand to the next level.