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Is your NLP or Life Coaching company getting to the point where you need help but aren’t ready to hire someone full-time? Consider hiring a professional Virtual Assistant (VA) to take over some of the automated aspects of your business (see related post) that you can easily delegate.

As an entrepreneur, you love the challenge of creating something unique out of thin air and elbow grease. Your work ethic is likely strong, which is why you’re successful (keep that going by the way), but it’s also why you could burn out sooner rather than later. Once your business gets busy, it’s time to streamline and increase productivity to accommodate the growth.

Here are a few reasons a VA might be a better fit for you than a real-life coffee-getter:

Virtual Assistants provide the function of having a part-time personal assistant without the overhead of a work station, health benefits, and on-the-clock donut breaks.

Because VA’s work freelance and charge on more of a per-task or flat rate basis they are often more efficient hourly than an in-house employee who gets interrupted or distracted a thousand times a day.

When you free up time to focus on the higher ROI aspects of your business, like building relationships, networking and delivering the high-quality product – YOU – then your minutes and hours instantly become more valuable.

The upscale in business revenue resulting from more quality client-focused time will make up for the investment for this service. The increase in clarity of mindset will make up for the struggle of “letting go” and losing one tiny gram of control over something you really don’t need to grasp so tightly to. The expansion of your client list from applying more smart work will make it worth adding a VA to your team.

Leave the busy work to someone else and maybe just drink more wine or attend goat yoga every now and then; maximize your NLP practice or life coaching company with a hassle-free Virtual Assistant.