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In Paris, France, there is a yoga studio…for pets.

In New York City, there is a studio for people who want to buy coffee AND flowers.  

In Chicago, Illinois, there is a store for women’s plus- size dress shoes.

In Reykjavik, there is a bottled water company…that sources their water from a specific Icelandic glacier.  

All of these stores are wildly successful, and here’s why: they’ve found, and totally slayed, within their niche. Finding your niche market means picking out your target audience members in a line-up and saying to them, “Hey, you, come with me.  You’ve got the problem, and I’ve got the solution.”

One of my friends, Leslie, owns a Content Development Company that specializes in providing content services for international entrepreneurs seeking to solidify their web-based businesses with more United States clientele, using the principles of urban planning and sustainable development to develop content for their clients.  Each of the writers in her firm are multilingual, and collectively all speak: French, English, Hebrew, and Arabic. They boast a client base in: France, India, the Philippines, Israel, Bangladesh, the United States, Morocco, Cameroon and the United Arab Emirates. Their website also features a blog detailing their digital nomad, globe- trotting, jet-setting adventures. Literally… they travel the world and write the words for businesses that will help them get paid in United States dollars.

So how can YOUR business benefit from niche marketing?  As your digital marketing strategist, I’m here to help you figure out what that means for you and your brand.

First, I want you to realize: you are in business because you offer a service or a product that solves a problem in exchange for money.  When you know what that problem is, you’re more easily able to identify who has this problem and therefore who you need to target. As a result, you will naturally make more money.

For most of my clients, it helps to take a sheet of blank paper, and map it out.  

  • Start with the most basic service or product you provide for your clients.  For example, maybe for you that means, “Teaches NLP strategies for people.”
  • From that most broad category, then think about all of your past clients.  What do they have in common? One you’ve figured out the ‘missing link’, tack it onto your previous note.  So maybe that looks like, “Teaches NLP strategies for teachers.”
  • Then, think about what your specialty training or experience most closely resonates with..it may or may not be reflected in your client base.  “Teaches NLP strategies for Teachers providing Outreach Services to Death Row Inmates.”
  • Now, put it all together, and you’ve got the subject for not only your niche market, but the makings of a damn fine elevator pitch!  “I teach NLP strategies for teachers who provide outreach services to death row inmates in correctional facilities.”

Once you’ve put it all together, start seeking out places where you can directly target your target market.  Schedule an appointment with Virtual, At Last! We will walk you through the next steps of the process of establishing your base clientele within your niche– and get your website and sales funnel setup to match your new-found niche identity.