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It’s time to feature another great success story from one of our clients! I had an good interview with Stacey from Adventure Wednesdays. Stacey discovered her passion for adventure after a series of hardships in her personal life. She encountered problems with her relationships, but she did not let those problems pull her down completely. It was these problems that opened up an opportunity for her to discover her “Adventure Attitude” seven years ago. Her adventure-seeking drive started when she realized that she can make the most of the Wednesdays that she had to herself. Through those adventures, she learned lessons that kept her pushing to experience more and more in life.

She started her blog when she met her current significant other. He bought her a domain for her blog, in which she began documenting her journey as an adventurer. Stacey and her significant other have been “Adventure Partners” for about 5 years now. After getting her domain, she jumped on an online business school. She learned to share her experiences with a community through blogging. She realized that her stories also help other people in uplifting their spirits and staying motivated. During this time, she also experienced a downturn in her corporate career, which she considers a blessing above all else. What people would normally call a “failure” became a successful turn for her to further expand her creative side and grow her online business.

Now, Stacey is helping others discover and develop their Adventure Attitude through her online business. She is also a happier person, supported by the people she cares about the most – her significant other, two sons, and family members.

Stacey believes that one adventure can build upon another, and this is what life is all about. Take on life’s adventures through her example by starting on Adventure Wednesdays!