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The things we love are often a double-edged sword. For the most part, they make us very happy. But there are also moments in which they make us anxious. Stella, the author of the blog Learning to Love Chaos and a mother of 6, is especially passionate about her family. However, as a single mother, it is not easy dealing with six children all at once. Her situation was made even more difficult when a son of hers needed special medical attention because of a health condition. While tough, she found that it was necessary for her to quit her job to focus on caring for her son.

A little more than a year ago, she started sharing her journey through her blog. At first, it was a personal endeavor that she decided to take on, just so she can contribute a unique perspective to the world about the struggles that she was facing. She is passionate about many things – family, healthy eating, clean living, parenting, understanding autism and behavioral health, just to name a few. There are many more things she is passionate about. Her journey in learning more about these passions are not always easy, but she loves them nonetheless. This is precisely the reason for her blog name, as dealing with all these struggles but finding purpose in them is literally what it means to learn to love chaos.

This year, she set a goal for herself to grow her blog. She is as driven as ever, fulfilling her ambitions while still being the woman of steel for her beloved children. She still has a lot to overcome like her self-confidence, social anxiety, and finding the perfect routine to be able to do more, but she is on the right track. Her motivation to just keep pushing will surely bring her to live the life she wants.

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