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All of us get jittery before we try new things. That’s perfectly normal! We’re not as fond of change as we would like to be. In this mini-blog series, I want to talk about the fun conversations I had with moms who took a leap and decided to pursue their business, no matter how scared they were in the beginning.

Today, I would like to talk about my chat with Rosie, from the blog This Mom Life by Rosie. While she loves many things like minimalism and adventures, there is one thing she loves the most — being a mother to her two children, Austin and Charlotte. Her blog is where she talks about motherhood – its struggles, highs and lows, rewards, and day-to-day just mother things.

She started her online journey around 6 months ago. She’s always had the passion for writing and creativity, but she initially found it difficult to overcome her ‘social awkwardness’ as she calls it, because she was always an introvert. After being convinced by a friend, she finally decided to try it. Half a year later, here she is, making kickass content, powered by little sleep and lots of coffee, all while taking care of the children! It’s not easy running a business with a messy house, but the small goals she sets for herself keeps her motivated. If she was afraid before, now she is more confident in her writing. She is also getting to know herself better as she moves along with her business.

Rosie is a great inspiration for moms who want to build their businesses online! It’s not easy to overcome the insecurities faced when starting your journey online. But it takes time, grit, and a lot of patience. It will not be long before you realize that you’re already achieving your goals.

Above being a successful blogger and business woman, Rosie prides herself with being a successful mom above all.

Witness her greatness in her blog, This Mom Life by Rosie!

What Rosie has to say about Virtual, At Last:

“Kat is brilliant! I was lost on this whole website thing and had spent months staring at my computer. She stepped right in where I left off and spruced it all up! She included everything I asked for and even added in extras that she knew I would need in the future. She worked hard to get it done quickly and stayed in contact with me the entire time. There wasn’t a single question that she couldn’t answer. She is a joy to work with and so incredibly patient!”

If you’d like to be successful like Rosie, check out our services here at Virtual, At Last! We are happy to help you grow your business.