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Niche marketing works, but many of us fail to understand why.

There is no scientific formula or mathematical calculation behind it’s efficacy.

No.  Niche marketing works, because it gets in our heads and screws with us, like brain-eating amoebas and mind-control parasites.  But instead of driving us to water like rabid animals, it causes us to want to give ALL our money to a certain product or service.

Psychology: it’s one of the reasons why neuroscientists also make the best persuasive content writers.

Let’s get right into it.  Today, I’m going to share with you the three reasons why niche marketing totally invades your client’s headspace, and how it works to your benefit.

Niche marketing does a lot for your business.  

  1. It creates clarity within your client’s mind.  When you’ve honed in on your niche market and start tailoring your business model and marketing efforts around it, your message will become crystal clear to your target audience.   They will think that you’re speaking to them directly.
  2. It leads to better customer service, creating a pleasurable transactional experience in the minds of your clientele.  Niche marketing allows you to serve your clients more effectively, solving their specific problems and thereby positioning yourself as their solution.  This, in turn, means you’ll come to the forefront of your industry.
  3. You are able to more efficiently build your ‘dream team’…thereby increasing your effectiveness to your client.  Congratulations! Your client’s paradigm is focused around you being a total problem- solving, solution- oriented badass! You can build your dream team to support all aspects of your business. Even better, you will form beneficial partnerships with other business owners. When you specialize, you also help others by buying their products and by creating jobs for other people.


Not really sure how to position yourself within your niche market?  Stumped over how to even identify what your niche market truly is? Contact us today! The team of professionals Virtual, At Last! will walk you through all steps of the process.  You’ll go from Ish to Niche in one week flat!