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The superhighway to your services is open, but no traffic is in sight. Where are the cars? These three questions will help you get your funnel started.

You are ready and waiting for the abundance of prospective clients barreling through the doors of your webpage…prospects eager to give you their time and money. Your doors are wide open.. but where is the traffic jam? Before figuring out why the superhighway to your services is shut down, you have to first ask yourself these three key questions that are going to allow you to get into the mindset necessary in order to get results. When I say ‘results’, I’m talking about all of the systems in place to create the atmosphere conducive to exponential growth in followers, likes, leads and sales. However, creating that atmosphere begins with asking the right questions.

Am I clear about what exactly it is I want out of my website?

It’s about knowing what you want, and what you want are conversions.  You want visitors to become clients. You want the passers by on your website to become loyal members, returning again and again for more services and products. In order to create this funnel system (note: a funnel is simply a systematic way to allow large quantities of a thing to flow through a controlled, targeted opening). You’ve probably heard of funnels, but until you are clear about your answers to the following three questions, you’re not quite ‘there yet’. There are a few steps you must take to get to the point of funnel- readiness. So what are the steps for making that happen?

Do I know what action I want visitors to my website to take?

Funnels exist to direct traffic through a series of steps that get narrower and narrower as the traffic progresses. The idea is to have those that trickle through taking one particular action indented to generate a specific result. For some websites, the funnel is intended to get email marketing list signups. For others, its to get a sale. Know what action you want your visitors to take by the time they reach the ‘opening’ of your funnel.

Am I providing a solution of value to my target audience?

We all have problems, and you should be positioning yourself in such a way that you offer a valuable solution to your prospect’s problem. Here is where it is very important for you to be attuned to your target audience, because if your prospect doesn’t see any usefulness, any value in your service then they’re simply not going to engage in what you’re offering. What is their specific problem? (Note: specificity is key.) Is your target client a woman who doesn’t have enough hours in the day? Or..is your target client a thirty-somethings single mom who is interested in budgeting three hours out of everyday for “Me”-time, but can’t seem to make it happen because of soccer games, band practices and making sure dinner is cooked? By being specific about the problem your client faces, you are in the position to offer a solution of value. The more specific your solution is to the problem, the more value your prospect will find in your service.

It’s also important to note that there are distinct segments within your target audience. Not all of your content will target every member of your audience, so having a well-mapped out email marketing campaign will be able to nurture each member, despite their segment.  

Setting up funnels can be tedious and tricky, and must be done correctly in order to get the desired conversions. I highly recommend outsourcing your funnel setup to the professionals at my company, Virtual At Last! Now that you have your answers to these three key questions, funnel pros like myself will be able to setup a funnel that is designed with YOUR brand’s needs in mind.