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If you’re a life coach or NLP practitioner, or really an entrepreneur of any variety, you are well acquainted with coffee. Coffee is probably the backbone of your business plan and the one true ingredient that keeps things running most days. Caffeinate yourself and let’s talk about sales funnels!

What gets the attention of potential leads? What turns those potential leads into qualified leads? What converts leads into clients? What gives your new clients incentive to spread the word about you? These questions will help you craft an effective sales funnel that will keep the pipeline of new business full.

Think of a sales funnel as the filter of a coffee maker. You dump the coffee grounds in the top: fresh, potent, full of potential. Raw materials go in at the top, and out comes a fully realized result at the bottom. Your clients go through a similar process from strangers on the internet to the next client who retains you as their coach and gives you the privilege of mentoring their life.

Let’s start with your landing page, the ultimate destination for all of your marketing efforts. This is where potential leads find you after hearing about you as a coach, being referred to you from an existing coaching client, or stumbling across you during a Google search for “how to figure out my life.” They are in the filter!

Make an outstanding impression with your landing page (see related post) and the cold contact fills out the form to connect with you, accept a free offer advertised there, or join your mailing list to discover your wisdom. Now they are converted to a true lead; they are percolating.

Once they have engaged with you, their interest can build as they are exposed to your material and see the value in you as a coach. Many will stay at this point in the funnel, but from here you convert new paying clients.

The end game is the happy client who advocates for your business and refers clients you didn’t have to work for. This is the rich, aromatic cup of arabica that comes through the filter at the bottom. Not all the raw materials that started at the top will make it through, and you don’t want them all to end up there. Who wants coffee grounds in their coffee?

A sales funnel gives a tiered approach to offer something for everyone and gives you the best odds for acquiring new contacts, leads, clients and referrals. This process also provides valuable data to analyze and discover which areas of marketing are the most effective. Quantifiable metrics help you gain and sustain momentum!